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Our range of international work:
The Asian Group is concerned with the civil construction, infrastructure, treating all the types of the water whether they are intended for purposes of industrial wastewater, sewage wastewater, purification of fresh water systems for residential, communities, holiday resorts etc.

Project development
x Suppliers of turnkey systems, investors and operators (i.e. for BOT models) are increasingly in demand worldwide. The early identification and screening of projects regarding their feasibility is an important factor for success.
x Project development requires substantial efforts often over several months. Independent consultants can be very instrumental in building up trust among all parties involved.

Tendering consultancy
x Application to the EU
x Project development and funding concepts
x Independent determination of the most price effective solution

Co-operation management
x Definition of most suitable partners
x Mobilization of local and foreign partners
x Design of consortia and special project companies (SPC)
x Co-operation mediation
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